As cliché as it sounds, the holidays are an expected time when the wine flows free. Whether it is a glass of Merlot in the comfort of your home, in front of a fire or a glass of mulled wine in the cold air of the outdoor German markets, most of us like to treat ourselves to a glass or two.

Among the many who enjoy a glass are avid enthusiasts with a passion for all things wine. Also, there are those casual drinkers who have the occasional glass but love it just the same. Regardless, it means open wine bottles that need to be preserved for later.

Here is a list of adorable wine accessories that you can use to keep the wine’s notes and flavours authentic until you have savoured every last drop.

A Wine Chiller

Wine Bottle Cooler and Pourer by Just Slate

We begin with a Wine Bottle Cooler and Pourer. This tool makes keeping wine chilled and serving much easier. The stainless steel cooling rod eliminates the need of dripping ice buckets that create a mess. Just throw the rod in the freezer and let it chill completely. When you are ready to serve the wine, take the rod out and insert it in the bottle. It keeps the wine chilled at the right temperature so you don’t have to drink tepid wine. This cooler has a handy spout on one end that keeps the wine from spilling, making this 2-in-1 wine accessory a necessary barware item.

Stag Cork Wine Bottle Pourer

Stag Cork Wine Bottle by Just Slate

Another stunning choice is the stainless steel Stag Cork Wine Bottle Pourer. This pourer is perfect for those who simply love stags - the wine pours from the stag head (It will look great atop your favourite whisky bottle too!). The pourer has a cork stopper that fixes easily into any bottle and makes sure that the pourer stays in place when you’re pouring the wine.

Stag Glass Bottle Stopper

Stag Glass Bottle Stopper by Just Slate

After a wine bottle has been opened, oxidation becomes its number one enemy. It not just takes away from the flavour and notes of the wine but also spoils it. The Stag Glass Bottle Stopper is a saviour here. It is another necessary wine accessory that you must add to your barware collection. The Stage bottle stopper has a stainless steel body that fits into any bottle and screws right into place, keeping the air out and bubbles in. But that's not all, the stopper is accented with a proud glass stag head on top.

Prosecco Stopper

Prosecco Stopper by Just Slate

Keeping a bottle of Prosecco sparkling is one of the hardest feats after popping the bottle open. The bubbles escape and leave a flat wine behind that no one likes. But a specialized Prosecco Stopper is the perfect solution to this problem. It is designed to provide air-tight suction that preserves the wine better than corks. The exterior of the stopper is stainless steel with an interior that fits on to any wine bottles and keeps it fizzy.

Add these essentials to your bar arsenal and get your wine to last longer in pristine condition until the bottle runs dry (which won't be too long we're sure).