As ghoulish playlists are played (MJ's Thriller is our fave!) and spooky Tim Burton movies streamed (Corpse Bride all the way!), Halloween has officially arrived. While kids get busy dressing up in all kinds of costumes and practice their school disco dance routines, adults begin to think about their own social diary. Don’t get us wrong. Adults can dress up and dance too, no-one is ever too old to have fun at Halloween.

Some adults like to relax after a crazy day and have a glass of wine and some nibbles with friends while the kids sleep. For others, it is time to plan a Halloween party!

You might be wondering what to serve your guests making sure it looks stylish and also tastes incredible. Well, we have compiled a list of 5 simple ideas for Halloween party nibbles.

Garlic Bread and Camembert

Stoneware Gourmet Cheese Baker by Just Slate

Cheese! The holy grail of dairy products never disappoints anyone, young or old. This makes it the perfect food that everyone can enjoy. The moist and creamy texture of the cheese combined with bite-sized pieces of garlic bread makes it perfect for any Halloween party.

You can serve it in the Stoneware Gourmet Cheese Baker with bread on the side served on one of our stunning slate serving trays. The cheese baker is stoneware that you can pop in the oven to let the cheese get soft and gooey. You can then place its heat resistant slate trivet and serve. People can use the beautiful Mango wood knife to spread the salty cheese on the garlic bread to enjoy a hot and delicious snack.

Muddy Buddies

Stoneware Mezze Set from Just Slate

Muddy Buddies are the optimal Halloween snack. They are easy to make and serve. You only need your favourite chocolate melted, peanut butter and Rice Krispies. Simply mix together and scoop in to a round shape. At your Halloween party, use the Stoneware Mezze Set to serve this irresistible treat. Place the muddy buddies to the three bowls and add a different candy to each (mini chocolate chips, M&M’s, sprinkles, etc.) to give people options.

Potato Wedges with 3 Dips

Potato wedges never disappoint, especially when served with dipping options. Use the Stoneware Mezze Set and add a sweet chilli sauce to the first bowl, BBQ sauce dip in the second and a Peri-Peri sauce to the third (or any other sauce your guests will love) and serve with hot and crispy potato wedges served on one of gorgeous slate trays available online at

Antipasto Platter

Mango Wood Bowl & Paddle Set from Just Slate

An antipasto platter with a paired wine can also never go wrong. You can serve the salami, fennel, radishes, crackers and carrots on a big platter along with hummus, mozzarella and olives served on a Mango Wood Bowl & Paddle set. The delicious combination of textures and flavours will leave your guest wanting more.

Brownie Bites

6 Heart Canape Picks from Just Slate

Lastly, another sweet treat perfect for the occasion – brownie bites. They are easy enough to make (or get from a bakery) and can never go wrong, even with people who don’t have the biggest sweet tooth. You just have to bake a big batch, cut it into tiny bite-sized pieces, use our 6 Heart Canape picks for picking up and serve on a serving tray from

There you go! 5 easy ideas for some Halloween entertaining! Give each of these a try as they will not only look incredible on the platters and serve-ware but also leave your guests feeling deliciously happy.