Scotland has maintained a long-lasting relationship with luxury libations that are famous the world over. Dating back to the early 11th century, Scottish whisky, also known as Scotch, has become an important part of Scotland’s identity, and is enjoyed to the fullest during special occasions. One such occasion is Saint Andrew’s Day

Friday, 30th November is the feast day of Saint Andrew’s, celebrated in honor of Scotland’s patron saint. The day is marked with extravagant feasts and celebrations and is a good excuse for Scots to enjoy a Bank Holiday too.

But first, a bit about Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew was the brother of Saint Peter and was also one of the apostles of Jesus Christ (but, you already knew that). He was crucified in Patras, Greece on a ‘crux decussata’ or a x-shaped cross. So, how did this Galilean fisherman and apostle become the patron saint of Scotland?

In the battle with the ‘Auld Enemy’ England in 820, the Pictish King Ooengus II prayed to Saint Andrew and won. Rumour has it, as the king and his army cheered, an x-shaped cross known as St. Andrew’s Saltire in Scotland appeared in the sky.

The Saint has been venerated ever since. The Saltire also appears on the Scottish national flag, and until recently, was the symbol used to ward off witches in England and Scotland (true story).

Raising a Toast to St. Andrew

The scots have been drinking, testing and drinking whisky longer than most cultures, so it comes as no surprise that celebrating St. Andrew’s Day will be linked to whisky drinking, and a lot of it. If you plan on holding your own St. Andrew’s Day supper then, here are some things you should know.

Tumbler and Coaster Sets

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Serving Boards and Platters

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