Here at The Just Slate Company, we say no sun filled get together with family and friends is complete without the soundtrack of summer – the clinking of glasses! So, raise a glass with us as we share with you our favourite tips to make your next gathering a feast for the senses.


Light up the summer and make some noiseOutdoor dining fro Just Slate

Twinkling lighting chains and candle lit garden lanterns hung from trees easily add sparkle to any outdoor gathering and can significantly improve the ambiance of your alfresco event. Don’t forget to prepare music, or to be more realistic to choose your favourite summer playlist. You can control the tunes from your phone or tablet and play on an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, also allowing your guests to make requests or to take-over the role of DJ.


Practical Accessorising

You may have mastered a mouth-watering menu, but the way you display it is going to make all the difference. Adding low candles or vases make an inherently attractive centrepiece. When choosing vases, make sure they are see-through so they don’t get in the way of your guest’s conversations. While you can add any type of flower you like to your table display, peonies are particularly suitable since they have long and strong stems. Gin Coasters and Slate Prosecco Coasters from The Just Slate Company will ensure your table accessories have style as well as a practical purpose.


Stirring the sexes

handcrafted gold stirrers from Just Slate

The tipple of summer is undoubtedly the cocktail, but with so many to choose from it is impossible to pick just one; a straw poll of the team here at The Just Slate Company has the Cosmopolitan as our number one choice. In true Sex and the City style, our Mini Copper Bar Set will impress your guests and see their cocktails prepared with class. But no cocktails would be complete without the addition of chic, handcrafted gold stirrers 

to top off glasses, and to hold olives and other garnishes. These drink stirrers are a hit with the ladies, and is easy to see why.


To Mingle or not to mingle, that is the question

Antler bottle opener from Just Slate

Encouraging your guests to mingle can be achieved easily by setting up tables in separate areas. For instance, you can use one table for cocktails and another for bottled beverages kept cool in ice boxes, encouraging guests to move around and mingle with each other. Don’t forget to keep the essentials in one place and keep a bottle opener close by. If you want to add some style to your event, then an Antler bottle opener  or a Copper Heart Bottle Stopper should do the trick nicely. The curved antler shaped bottle opener is a great way to add your own personal style statement to your event, and also happens to make a great gift as well.


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