Entertaining at home – in is the new out 

Are you planning a dinner party or a get together with friends? Do you have everything you need to make it unforgettable? Have your coasters and cheeseboards seen better days? If you answered yes to everything, good! It’s high time you got rid of the old and adopted new trends.

Here at The Just Slate Company, we thought we could give you some ideas of things you can use to add a touch of elegance to your next party:

Fancy cheeseboard

A book club meeting or a party without cheese and wine is incomplete without the tools to make it fancy. Why go for a boring wooden one when you can order a heart-shaped cheeseboard or a square one made of slate?  These can make a perfect frame for the cheese you serve and will keep it cool so it won’t melt. It can also make a perfect gift for a wedding or a birthday party.

Dip sets

This is perhaps the most overlooked accessory during parties! Sure, you can use an old bowl but why do that when you can get a better-looking alternative. If you entertain at home a lot or host a lot of movie nights, then you need a proper chip and dip set. These sets are designed to keep crisps and dip separate for the perfect dip and crunch combo.

What about an attractive serving tray?

Even the finest vintage and plates will lose their lustre if they are served on an ugly tray. An attractive serving tray is a good investment if you want to make a lasting impression on guests. Whether you are looking for a small or large serving tray make sure you get one that is made from a sturdy material that will act as a fitting frame to the delicacies you serve. Your guests will certainly appreciate it and it makes an excellent gift as well.

Sparkly drinking glasses

And no dinner party is complete without a few drinks, so whether you are serving a range of spirits or a sparkly Prosecco, you should display their fizz and beauty in glasses made of glass. Not just any glasses will do of course. Invest in ones that come with unique designs and cuts that can make the drink inside shine. Gold patterned ones or those that feature unique designs will add glam to any drink. Pair it with matching drink stirrers and make your guests feel like royalty.

Unique Condiment Sets

Condiments are perhaps ignored more than anything else when it comes to classy dinnerware. However, if you make the right choice, they can act as attractive centrepieces. A trio of handmade stone condiment sets will be the perfect addition to your next dinner party. Just think of how attractive they will look in the middle of your dinner table filled with colourful condiments.

If you are in search dinnerware pieces and sets that can wow your guests and make your dinner parties even more attractive, The Just Slate Company will not disappoint. We have a range of handmade stone and slate products that can make ideal gifts as well. Add a unique finishing touch to your next get together or party or gift them to your loved ones.

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