Stocking Filler Gift Guide: Copper Heart Bottle Stopper or Glass Heart Bottle Stopper

Admit it. One of the best parts about Christmas shopping is looking for stocking fillers for friends, family and neighbours. While there are many stocking fillers easily available on the high street, you won’t want to give just any stocking filler. With Christmas just around the corner, finding that perfect stocking filler for wine enthusiasts can be a daunting task, which is why these two options for your Christmas stocking filler are so perfect for the festive season. Whether you’re going to hang the Christmas stocking on the wall or at the end of the bed, the receiver is sure to get a kick when they take a peek and find one of these stocking fillers in their Christmas stocking this year. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Copper Heart Bottle Stopper

Copper Heart Bottle Stopper

Those who love to sip wine often will simply love to get this beautiful Copper heart bottle stopper in their Christmas stocking. This small but thoughtful gift is designed in the shape of a heart and gracefully enhances the presentation of any half-used wine bottle. According to the embossed writing on the beautiful case, the copper heart bottle stopper has been hand made by craftsmen in Scotland.

If you are looking for a Christmas stocking filler that’s simple, sleek and functional, then this is going to be your best option. The recipient will easily be able to keep their wine tasting fresher for longer with the copper heart bottle stopper and is certainly not going to forget this magnificent Christmas gift.

Heart Glass Bottle Stopper

Glass Heart Bottle Stopper

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that’s a bit more stylish for your Christmas stocking filler, then why not go with the Heart glass bottle stopper that’s also by Just Slate. This stylish wine bottle stopper is not only stunning to look at in a shape of a red coloured glass heart, but creates a nice snug seal, keeping the contents of a wine bottle fresh and intact for longer. The sleek and polished heart glass bottle stopper is certainly going to impress the recipient when they peek into their Christmas stocking.

Ending Note

Wine bottle stoppers by Just Slate are considered to be the best wine stoppers to crown your wine bottles with. And the best part about purchasing these two exquisitely designed bottle stoppers is that their prices are very reasonable. Both the Copper Heart Bottle Stopper and the Heart Glass Bottle Stopper make perfect fillers for your Christmas stockings. They are not only stylish and elegant to look at but are also functional and will be the perfect gift for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts who want to keep the freshness of a bottle of wine intact during the holiday season. Those who simply can’t resist the level of craftsmanship that’s gone into designing these two exquisite wine stoppers, can slip one (or both) into their own Christmas stockings (when no one’s looking, of course!).