If you like gift-giving then its time you adopted a thought-filled approach. Whether you want to show your love and affection for that someone special in your life or just looking to add a personal touch to a gift for a special occasion there are numerous ways in which you can personalise gifts. So, let’s take a quick look at a few great ways to personalise your gifts for any occasion.

Spice up the Tags

One of the best ways to add a personal touch to any gift is by including a hand-written note. What you write in the note can be either straight-forward, romantic or can highlight your cheeky side, this will mainly depend on your relationship with the recipient and the occasion. So, the next time you’re looking to make your gift stand out from the rest just pop a hand-written note inside the box.

Make the Gift Matter

More importantly, you will need to find that perfect gift that’s truly worth giving to someone. The gift should be something you know they are going to treasure, and not re-gift. Keeping that in mind, if you want to impress a man in your life then go with something with a bit of class and sophistication, such as the Gents Slate Gift Set for instance.

Gents Slate Gift SetThis stunning gift set includes a small slate tray with uniquely designed antler handles. You also get an exquisitely designed bottle stopper along with a Slate branded cheese knife. The gift set is elegantly presented in a beautiful box, which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. If the recipient enjoys entertaining guests, then they will truly appreciate this exquisitely designed copper condiment set, which is also presented in a beautiful black gift box.

Tie a Ribbon

Nothing spruces up a gift more than tying a ribbon around the box and finishing the look with a gorgeous bow. If you’re not sure how to tie a gift with a ribbon, just watch some how-to videos online, or ask the gift shop if they offer complimentary gift wrapping. Most gift shops do, especially during the holiday season. A bow has always been a favourite gift topper, so don’t forget to make a bow out of the ribbon to add the personal touch.

Add Little Trinkets of Affection

If the person you are giving the gift to well, then you will probably know their favourite snacks or what they like to munch on during the game. Add in their favourite cheeses and oatcakes to the box for a laugh, and to show that you’ve put a bit of thought to your gift.

Go with a Functional Gift

If booze is a big part of the recipient’s life, why not gift some exquisitely designed tumbler and coaster sets. That’s because you don’t want to just give a gift that’s pretty to look at and lives in the closet for the rest of the year.

tumbler and coaster sets

Gifting something that’s functional and good to look such as the artsy tumbler and coaster sets is a double whammy. If your friend doesn’t drink, then no problem. Get them a pair of these gorgeous stoneware coffee mugs, sporting a classy gold finish handle, which will come in handy whenever they throw a tea party or for personal use. They’ll surely appreciate your taste when the compliments start pouring in.

stoneware coffee mugs