Serving Boards/Platters

Shop our assortment of presentation and serving boards/platters for attractive food presentation such as Oak and Sycamore wood boards, slate platter sets complete with serving dishes and more . This section really gives you the chance to serve your dishes in style.
Serving Boards/Platters

Serving Boards and Platters

Here at Just Slate we have everything you need when it comes to serving boards and platters, including   cheese boardscoasters, serving trays, serving boards,  square place mats, double coasters, chopping boards, platters, paddles and bowls.  If you want something extra special for entertaining guests at dinner parties, you will be spoilt for choice, as our range includes a fabulous selection of high-quality slate, oak, acacia and ened slate.  We also stock a wide range of stoneware and serveware as well as accessories, cheese accessories, slate dinner plates , serving trays,  serving utensils and barware.  For example, we have a huge range of engraved slate cheese boards, which come in round, rectangular, oval and square.  Designs include thistle, salmon, stag and highland cow.  If you like our engraved slate designs, you might also like our engraved wood products.  These designs come not only in thistle, salmon, stag and highland cow designs, but also fox, kingfisher, owl and hare. 

Serving Boards

Our serving boards. serving trays, slate dishes, serving bowls and serving platters are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, and make perfect serving boards for a centre table display.  Available in copper, marble and slate, our quality serving boards are a practical and useful addition to any home, and can also be used to enhance any table setting.

Long Serving Boards

Here at Just Slate we sell a huge range of luxury serving boards which would make lovely gifts for any food lover or gourmet in your life.  Our range includes wood, slate, marble, engraved slate and plain slate and our unusual and unique designs include lobster, hare and owl. We also stock some quirky Scottish designs, which would make a wonderful gift for an engagement, wedding anniversary or house warming present.