Slate Salmon Table Runner

Slate Salmon Table Runner

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Practical, durable and sleek our Table runner will add a touch of class to your dining table whilst also protecting your table from scratching from centre pieces or condiments. Our table runner is also great for serving hot dishes straight from hob or oven to table for those more relaxed "help yourself" style meal times. Our Table runner has been engraved with a fabulous hand illustrated image of a handsome and bold salmon to add a unique touch to your table setting.


Dimensions: 50cm(L) x 25cm(W)

Material: Handcrafted slate

Product care: Wipe clean. Olive oil can be applied to slate to revive deep black colouring over time


Belly band packaging only - does not come with a gift box

Hand crafted in Scotland

Food safe acrylic coating

Foam backing

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We are getting lots of fresh air and (most days) a good amount of sunshine, and are having a nice relaxing time.  Today we didn't get up until 11 o' 12 the sunshine had largely vanished but we went for a lovely walk along the largely deserted old beach road.  The island is incredibly green considering that it's winter, and there are lots of birds, flocks of fat, healthy sheep and good looking goats with loud bells strolling around so there's a lovely tranquil atmosphere to the place.
It's an interesting contrast to the Queen Mary, that's for sure, but nice to live a simple life for a while.  
Eden and Ellis came out to see us last weekend - it's the first time they've seen the motor home, and they really enjoyed it; we had warned them in advance that there wasn't a lot to do but they loved the beach and the countryside and we had a lovely night round a bonfire Ron made, under the many millions of stars you can see here.  It is great having the wee Smart car too so we've travelled a bit round some of the island checking out some nice beaches and restaurants but lots of places are shut for the season.  People are very friendly though and the food and wine is good, so I've been cooking a lot at home too.  Ron has been doing some big (70km uphill) cycles, while I've been taking my electric bike to town to buy fresh bread and pastries...that's adventurous enough for me as far as cycling goes!
Tonight we are going to a festival in the town in celebration of a saint.  We have been told there will be free sausages, beans and wine but we are not expecting too much and will make sure to dine at home first....
Up until a few days ago we had the place here to ourselves, but we recently met an Austrian couple, Ferdinand and Brigitte who rocked up in one of these gigantic army type vehicles which has been converted to a motor home.  We got chatting and they invited us to dinner - we were their first guests!  Their place is incredibly green inside, with a leather floor, wool curtains and a horsehair bed (cost 8,000 euros for the mattress, and about 450k for the whole van - Ron asked!).  They are interesting but, as we are increasingly finding out, rather eccentric.  Ferdinand brought a copy of his book for me to read (and alarmingly, to review).  
He explained that he thought it might be more accessible to tell his story through the persona of a woman, and that he was keen to include lots of her/his sexual experiences to keep the reader interested and lead them on to the more esoteric and wise lessons that the book would I was given the book on condition that I would finish it before making up my mind....
Basically the central character is a mad shagger/witch woman who is misunderstood by her family (especially her cold and unemotional mother) but is incredible at skiing/escaping from sharks/being struck by lightning, while also remaining sensual and curvaceous and stunningly beautiful.
I've read the first 100 pages which deal with her yacht being capsized at sea and her struggle to survive while she reminisces about all of the above . Sample text below;
The dinghy turned over, and once more I hit my head.  "I'll have my brains beat to pulp - in case I don't drown first!"
Like I said, Hmmm.
Will write again soon! ????